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For daily students, boys and girls of ages 3 6 years

The kindergarten is divided into two semesters;
the 1 st semester is May October,
and the 2 nd semester is November March.

Payment methods
Tuition and school transportation fees can be paid by personal cheques or
cashier cheques to the Prangthip Kindergarten bank account.

The kindergarten department will collect tuition fees in three phases;
in May, September and December, respectively.

Newly enrolled students must make the first payment on the day of application.
Students, who do not give prior notice of leaving, will have to pay the full amount
of the tuition fee.

Supporting documents
Parents or guardians must bring the students on the day of application and
have the following documents at hand:

Birth certificate
Copy of house registration
Twelve 2 portrait photos of the student
Record book of student's physical health examinations